An International Batch of Oscar Nominated Documentary Shorts

Once again, ShortsTV is bringing this year’s batch of Oscar nominated Live Action, Documentary, and Animated Short Films to a global audience.  In the United States, starting April 2, check your local theater listings to see if and when the Showcases will be playing.  The program will also be available on VOD via iTunes, Amazon, Verizon, Google Play beginning April 20.    Here’s our rundown of the Documentary selections.

Here’s your chance to be briefly informed about some solid, if short, cinema that is being celebrated at this year’s Academy Awards:

A Love Song for Latasha

Sophia Nahli Allison, USA, 19 min.

This documentary focuses on Natasha, a 15-year-old girl who was shot in 1991. That event turned out to be one of the catalysts the ’92 riots of L.A. Though the riots are now remembered an historical event, Natasha’s death still resonates with the ones who miss her. This is a personal look at someone who has become a footnote in history, and the film brings out her humanity. 

A Concerto is a Conservation

Kris Bowers, Ben Proudfoot, USA, 13 min.

Intriguing documentary about a concerto player, but more about his father moving across the country in the 1940s, during the times of segregation. The additional footage and imagery the filmmakers add to the stories is interesting, but the disjointed conversation framing between the father and son felt jarring.

Do Not Split

Anders Hammer, USA/Norway, 35 min.

Powerful documentary about pro-Hong Kong demonstrations and protests against the Chinese government that turns to violence. Extremely immersive footage puts you in the middle of the protests, in the path of gas canisters being fired, and in the hands of cameramen running from the police. The Chinese government is upset this was nominated, which is even more reason you should watch it.

Hunger Ward

Skye Fitzgerald, USA, 40 min.

About the Yemen War. About the starvation crisis in the country. About one of the few hospitals that is incapable of handling the demand. About Saudi Arabia’s involvement in the crisis, the United States’ support of Saudi Arabia and a direct call to action to the U.S., and its citizens, to demand the stop of assault on Yemen, which we have control of.


Anthony Giacchino, USA, 25 min.

A 90-year-old French woman who fought in the resistance returns to Germany to face the horrors of the war. It feels both powerful and harrowing, but also a tad exploitative. Her painful reactions that the camera lingers on feel torturous and make me wonder what she’s getting from the trip, besides to be part of the movie.