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SCREAM (2022) – Film Review

reset and needed to tie back into the first and that the sequels are all "inferior"- a direct quote from characters talking about the thinly-veiled Stab sequels. Progressiveness was always at the forefront of this property, not a need to Make Scream Great Again, and take the franchise and give it the same treatment as sputtering franchises that need these rebootquels. This feels like it was made by the kind of movie watcher who always says without much thought that "the first is always the best" and "the book is always better", when that is not always the case.

RED ROCKET – Film Review

There might only be one way to read the thing, but it all adds up as a sharply edged commentary on the gross inexplicitly of the past five years.  Saber’s allure may be all empty calories, quick fixes, and endorphin rushes, but Red Rocket blasts audiences with a thoroughly magnetic romp with a ridiculously unshakable main character.

CENSOR – Film Review

Censor is, at its heart, a very anti-censorship movie. Bailey-Bond makes it clear that the censors are the weak, and as for any problems with violent films and their approach to women, Bailey-Bond seems to know the answer isn't to censor, but rather, more women like her getting behind a camera and making more movies like Censor.