MAD DOG AND GLORY (1993) – Blu-ray Review

Mad Dog and Glory stands as a prime anomaly on several fronts. It’s a studio film by an established independent filmmaker (McNaughton was reeled in for this by no less than Martin Scorsese). It’s a gruff cop movie that’s actually a quirky character study mired in grace. It’s a bold Bill Murray film that no one ever mentions. It’s not what anyone expected at the time but has aged extremely well. Cheers to Kino Lorber for letting this glorious dog out again, and in fine form.

A MAN ALONE (1955)- Blu-ray Review

A Man Alone, while never breaking the mold for its particular type of tale, manages to embody the form just right; a narratively tight yet decompressed Western from smack in the middle of the 1950s. The notable first of longtime star Ray Milland’s six directorial efforts, A Man Alone is a peppercorn burst amid the dwindling output of its studio, Republic Pictures.