Jim Tudor

DUNE (2021) – Film Review

For a movie that’s only the first half of something and that moves not unlike one of its own hulking, gargantuan sandworms through a planet’s worth of sand, Villeneuve’s Dune wields more than enough overpowering spice to warrant a visit.  Whether anyone will be inclined to return remains to be seen.

RETURN TO MACON COUNTY (1975) – Blu-ray Review

Despite sharing the same director, it turns out that the connection to Macon County Line is tenuous at best. Other than taking place in the 1950s, and in the same general good ‘ol place (the Louisiana/Georgia state line), this one seems to be called “Return to Macon County“ only because the characters go to Macon County, and then they go there again.  It turns out that it’s explicitly not a sequel- even though it’s clearly all to happy to trade on the name.


Given my own stated aversions to the Carnage character in general, it’s likely that any Venom follow-up featuring him would not be my cup of tea. The shock, then, is just how disposable, how generic, how hollow and adolescent this mess of pixels and wasted talent truly is. This Carnage is anything but maximum… It’s as though Sony top brass shrugged and said, “Let there be garbage”.