Approaching Cinema On Its Own Terms

It’s true that the world needs another film review site like it needs a hole in the skull.

So why review current films?  For one thing, we’re good at it.  We love movies!  With numerous years of film writing and analytical experience under our collective belt, you can be assured that ZekeFilm’s contributing film critics understand what makes a given movie worthwhile (or not).  We are respectful of directorial intent whether we agree with it or not, and value artistic expression.  We work hard not to suppress what makes a film noteworthy while also not revealing anything you wouldn’t see in a trailer.  Crudity and vitriol have no place here.  This is where you’ll find our honest, sometimes personal first responses to brand new releases.

Our reviews are intended not merely as consumer guides for your weekend viewing, but as springboards to greater thought, inspiration, and interaction with others.  Enjoy your trip to the movies!