Elizabeth Moss Rocks Out and Cokes up in Alex Ross Perry Film.


The film Her Smell is upsetting and more than that, it’s loud — not just because it features a metal/rock band and the fall of its lead singer, Becky (Elizabeth Moss). One of the most unique movies of the year, the filmmakers do not hold back plunging viewers into Becky’s addiction-filled reality/nightmare. 

The extreme closeness of the camera into various grungy event venues makes for a claustrophobic view, giving us deeper insight into the turmoil her illness has caused her family members and bandmates. There are a few sweet interludes of the past, celebrating with a radically different Becky, as the band hits their first milestones towards stardom (presumably before the drug downfall). 

I do not recommend everyone watch this- again, it is quite upsetting. But if you have some time on your hands and are interested, it’s well worth it to see Moss succeed in such a drastically different role.