Barry’s Short Film Spotlights Baltimore Cinephile George Figgs and his Time in Revival House Cinema.

Utilizing limited resources and commonplace modern technology, Baltimore filmmaker Matt Barry is all about cinema.  

Just as it has for so many others, the community aspect of the revival house scene has been fundamental to Matt.  Matt’s short film, Cinevangelist: A Life in Revival Film, is a poignant tribute to George Figgs, one of Baltimore’s champions of the enduring art and the beautiful compulsion of movies.  

In the interview film Cinevangelist, Matt gives his friend Mr. Figgs a well-earned platform to expound on why he’s devoted his life to cinema, as well as his adventures in running a revival house of his own during the 1990s.

In this episode of ZekeTalk, Matt returns to discuss Cinevangelist as well as sharing some of his own thoughts on the importance of film history and the legacy of revival house cinema.

Cinevangelist is available as a bonus feature on the recent Kino Lorber Blu-ray and DVD release of Abel Ferrara’s similarly-themed documentary, The Projectionist.  

It is also available via Kino’s online virtual cinema platform, Kino Now.

Follow Matt’s latest film writing at his blog, The Art and Culture of Movies.

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George Figgs, Baltimore’s original Cinevangelist.