GRAVITY Outweighs SLAVE In Reader-Generated Variant List readers will recall that this site recently named Steve McQueen’s 12 Years a Slave as our cumulative site-wide Best Film of 2013. (See that official list here.) This was based on a process of ranking only the top ten films from each of our participating critics’ individual Best of 2013 lists. (Sharon Autenrieth, Victor Labrada, Rob Gabe, Erik Yates, Jim Tudor, Paul Hibbard, and Dave Henry.)But, if you wonder how a slight change to the tallying process would affect our results, then, as John Goodman says in Inside Llewyn Davis, this will interest you:  The alternate Best of 2013 list!  Compiled by reader Dave Eisenbraun, these results were reached using each critics’ top twenty films rather their top tens. The major difference is that this list arrives at a very different #1, Alfonso Cuarón’s Gravity. Also, there are far fewer ties, which is nice.Dave assures that this is merely intended as a curiosity, and not a game-changer, as he further details his process: I’m not sure I would change anything official based on this. There are several caveats that affect the list: some reviewers just listed their honorable mentions and did not necessarily list those in ranked order but I treated them that way anyway; second, not all reviewers listed 20 movies so some reviewers had more influence on the list than others; third, since not everyone saw the same movies that skews the list more the farther away from the top you get.”With that in mind, enjoy this Alternate Collective Wrap-Up to ZekeFilm’s Best Films of 2013!  (Each film’s point value is listed in paranthesis next to the title.)

1.  Gravity  (93)
2.  12 Years a Slave  (89)
3.  The World’s End  (61)
4.  Her  (60)
5.  The Act of Killing  (59)
6.  The Way Way Back  (57)
7.  Before Midnight  (54)
8.  Philomena  (48)
9.  What Maisie Knew  (42)
       Blue Jasmine  (38 each)