Reel Theology: The Theology of Transcendence

Is technology the new Tower of Babel?

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Note: This column seeks to connect the messages and world views of film with those that resonate in various communities of faith.  At times this may mean discussing and revealing some plots of various films.  Mostly, we hope that this starts conversations about some of the deeper meanings a film is seeking to confront, address, [...]

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Film Review: Enemy

Two Gyllenhaal's Start Seeing Doubles

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  “Chaos is order left undeciphered.” This is the aphorism and opening text to Canadian director Denis Villeneuve’s “Enemy”, the same filmmaker of last year’s mystery, child-abduction thriller “Prisoners”(2013). It’s an enigmatic philosophical verse that’s a huge indicator of what the viewers in for, a clueless, mind-bending, art-house conundrum that has no intentions of explaining [...]



Does this take us beyond the limits of our experience? No.

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Johnny Depp has had a recent string of poor showings at the box office lately.  After experiencing a huge bomb with last year’s The Lone Ranger, as well as other flops such as The Tourist, Dark Shadows, andRango, Johnny is looking to take us to a new place beyond his safe comfort zone of playing wacky characters in [...]

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Jude Law Gets All Punchy, In More Ways Than One

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Dom Hemingway is Dom Hemingway! And don’t you forget it! This loutish, crackling, raucous film makes a blunt point of this from the moment it begins, and pretty much doesn’t let up until the ever lovin’ ending. Dom Hemingway the movie wants you to remember Dom Hemingway the character, dognabbit – even if that’s the [...]


Film Review: BEARS

Dave's Got a Couple Bear-Themed Jokes a-Bruin

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Bears is the latest nature documentary from Disney Nature, which is basically a reboot of their old True-Life Adventures series from the 1950’s.  Honestly, there really isn’t much more to say about the movie than that.  It features gorgeous cinematography of the Alaskan wilderness.  It’s narrated by John C. Reilly.  And it’s all about bears.  [...]


She’s a Nymphomaniac, Nymphomaniac, That’s For Sure


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Before reading this review, I would strongly advise you to read Paul Hibbard’s review of Nymph( )maniac:  Volume I. Nymph( )maniac:  Volume II is not a complete film, in the same way that other “Part II” films are (Kill Bill springs to mind).  I believe this is because Nymph( )maniac was never really intended to [...]

Heaven is for Real


Quality Christian Films Are Not?

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Eternal paradise is all well and good, but the notion of spending the afterlife floating on clouds while wearing white gowns, halos and playing the harp doesn’t thrill people like it used to. Even organized Christianity, a wide swath of society not known for picking up on shifting cultural cues, are keen to this fact. [...]


Interview: Carlos Saldanha

Animation Director of "Rio 2", Talks About His Travels to Rio and The Amazon Jungle.

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Hometowns, or the places we grew up, often linger in our mind years after we’ve left them. Carlos Saldanha, the director of animated musical comedy “Rio 2”, who grew up in Brazil, has nothing but good things to say in regards to his enchanting, culturally rich, home-sweet-home. A location He revisited in preparation for “Rio [...]