Reel Theology: The Theology of Faith and War in “Good Kill”

In terms of faith traditions that teach "thou shalt not kill", how do we determine a "good kill"

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Clint Eastwood’s film about Chris Kyle, American Sniper, dealt with the difficulties a soldier faces of being placed in a situation where every situation is life and death, and then being unable to fully reintegrate oneself from that intense battleground, into a whole different one….civilian life. American Sniper showed the effect that Post-traumatic Stress Disorder […]

Welles_Orson_ AFI

Film Admissions: ORSON WELLES

Catching Up On The Maverick Auteur, 100 Years Strong

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In 1975, the American Film Institute saw fit to honor Orson Welles with a lifetime achievement award. Welles, in his speech, took the opportunity to validate “the mavericks” of filmmaking, of which he was perhaps lead among, while at the same time saluting the machine they must work around. After all, what else could he […]


Film Review: Poltergeist

Is it wise to operate heavy machinery after watching this?

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Poltergeist was a fantastic horror film in 1982 that paired Steven Speilberg, who produced and co-wrote the screenplay, with director Tobe Hooper (Texas Chainsaw Massacre).  What they created was a tense, story driven film about a typical suburban family who find out that their picturesque suburban house has some skeletons in its closet….or buried in […]

Britt Robertson in TOMORROWLAND.


The Future Is As Clear As Mud In Disney's Latest Theme Park Adaptation

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ERIK YATES: In Brad Bird’s latest adventure film for Disney, we are introduced to a teenage girl named Casey (Britt Robertson – Dan in Real Life, The Longest Ride) who is a dreamer, and an optimist. She also is a criminal on the side, trying to keep a NASA launch pad from being torn-down in a world […]

good kill

Film Review: Good Kill

Examination of drone warfare ethical dilemmas is a misfire

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Good Kill has a promising log line: a former hotshot pilot is troubled by the moral boundaries he must cross as he engages in antiseptic, but deadly, drone warfare. There’s a movie. It’s topical, and it brings under a microscope the brutal war strategies promoted by a president who is also a Nobel Peace Prize […]

felix and meira

Film Review: Felix and Meira

Repression, Rebellion and Romance among the Hasidim

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How do you solve a problem like Meira? A young Hasidic Jewish mother living in Montreal, she is quietly belligerent in her unhappiness. She is sullen in social gatherings, listens to music her husband has forbidden, and when other strategies fail, pretends to be dead in order to end arguments. Felix and Meira depicts the […]

Fury Road 3


All Other Summer Films Are Left In The Dust.

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“That’s it. We’re done, aren’t we?” Although it would be generally agreed that apocalypse is serious stuff, the movies have a way of turning the end of the world into adrenalized carnival attractions, doomsday grafted onto pacifying chaos entertainment for the comfortable and unengaged masses. But “apocalypse” also means “vision” – something that Mad Max […]


Film Review: Salad Days

Talking heads doc tells history of 80s DC punk scene

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  Did you know that Henry Rollins, lead singer of Black Flag, once worked at a Häagen-Dazs? That was one of the fascinating revelations in the new punk rock doc Salad Days. The documentary tells the story of an explosive, influential music scene that included groups like Minor Threat, Bad Brains, and Fugazi. From 1980 to […]

Big Eyes

Film Review: BIG EYES

Kitsch Artist Biopic Is No Masterpiece

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You think you know a guy…  For the whole of his directorial career, former animator Tim Burton has drawn an image of himself as Hollywood’s foremost misunderstood weirdo.  In a supposedly creative business and culture dominated by more-of-the-same, he was long ago anointed the go-to outsider that the industry needs; the figurehead name-brand harboring a […]