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A Look Back At The Premiere Of The Much-Appreciated Fourth M:I Film

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Although it is now regarded by many as the best and most satisfying film in the “Mission: Impossible” series, at the time of it’s late 2011 release, the success of Brad Bird’s “Ghost Protocol” was anything but certain.  With its star/producer Tom Cruise’s reputation still in flux, and the series having gone dormant for over […]

Joe Williams 2

Remembering Joe Williams

Respected St. Louis Film Critic Dead at 56

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In a “big small town” such as St. Louis, there’s room for exactly one film critic to warrant the primary attention and focus of everyone else surrounding the movies on a local level. This was, without question, Joe Williams, the key Post-Dispatch film critic since 2000. He was the critic they’d hold the projector for […]

'Where The Wild Things Are' Premiere

Film Admissions: TOM HANKS

His Career Is Like A Box Of Chocolates

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“Do you think he knows that this is by far his most important work, that it will go on to outshine everything else he’s ever done or will do?”  That was by brother’s question to me about Tom Hanks, just after seeing Toy Story 3.  In that animated instant classic, Hanks once again voiced Woody the vintage […]

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Film Review: SOUTHPAW

Jake Gyllenhaal And Company Pack A Melodramatic Punch

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The new boxing film Southpaw is a very good boxing melodrama that thinks it’s a serious drama.  Although the film hits hard with tragedy and pain, it is, at the end of the day, a kind of R-rated, deeply bruised hero’s journey, owing more to Rocky than the real world unease of Raging Bull.  But […]


Film Review: Pixels

Sandler is living off of the cheat codes.....from 1982.

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I like Adam Sandler comedies.  I really do.  I also tend to cut him a lot of slack based on the fact that he could care less what anyone thinks due to the fact that his films always have terrible critics ratings and usually make enough money to be a hit and earn him another […]


Film Review: Trainwreck

New romantic comedy is a few scenes short of a great ride

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All hail Amy Schumer! I already knew from her sketch comedy show, Inside Amy Schumer, that she can write and that she’s a gifted comedian. She’s now demonstrated that’s she’s talented enough to headline a film and write a crackerjack feature length script. Trainwreck is directed by Judd Apatow and it feels like it: more […]


Film Review: Manglehorn

Al Pacino has the keys, but does he open the right doors in this film?

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Manglehorn is the latest effort from director David Gordon Green who scored a critically appraised film with Joe in 2013.  Also known for such efforts as Pineapple Express and Prince Avalanche, Green keeps his latest film in the darker world of a lost soul searching for another chance of love. Al Pacino plays A.J. Manglehorn, […]

Ant-Man is ready to clean up.

Film Review: ANT-MAN

Smaller Marvel Movie Stands Tall Amid Much Strife

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The tall and short of Ant-Man is that he’ll always be the little guy. Although the shrinking character himself dates back to the earliest days of Marvel Comics, and who, along with his wife fashionista Janet van Dyne, the similarly powered Wasp, is a founding Avenger, the general public nonetheless don’t know who he is, […]


This is not your father’s son’s Superman

On nostalgia and brand loyalty

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San Diego Comic Con—the annual comic book, film and television gathering, in which mega-corporations offer glimpses of their new product lines to devout acolytes—hosted an exclusive look at the trailer for Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice to a packed convention floor. The film is the sequel to Man of Steel, a superhero movie that […]

Judy Garland OZ

Film Admissions: JUDY GARLAND

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Wind her up. let her go, and stand back! When it came to Judy Garland, that was the prevailing wisdom among MGM’s musical makers back in Hollywood’s golden age. As evidenced in her show-stopping “Be A Clown” number in her then-husband Vincente Minnelli’s notorious 1948 debacle, The Pirate, she belonged on a stage, and nowhere […]