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Film Review: Alice Through the Looking Glass

Fantasy Sequel Improves on the original

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I did not enjoy 2010’s Alice in Wonderland. I don’t fault Mia Wasikowska, who played Alice. Wasikowska is a fine actress with a beautifully expressive face. I don’t blame it on the film’s villain, either. Helena Bonham Carter provided the sadistic glee that the role needed. I do blame the film’s failure on the two-headed […]

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Film Review: Love & Friendship

Whit Stillman offers a bright and breezy period comedy

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It’s a dream team: director Whit Stillman, master of the modern, arch social comedy, adapting a work by Jane Austen, master of the 18th century arch social comedy. And this match made in heaven does not disappoint. Love & Friendship, based on Austen’s novella Lady Susan, is (like the character of Lady Susan herself) pretty, […]


Film Review: THE LOBSTER

Odd Lonely Hearts In Hot Water

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A lobster is an unlikely animal.  When it comes to naming favorite animals, most people are not likely to think of it.  Early on in this film, a character says as much.  It’s only fitting, then, that The Lobster be great as an unlikely movie.  Unpredictable and unconventional, it is the most offbeat evocation of […]


Film Review: WEINER

The Name of a Man is a Numbing Blow From Which He Never Recovers

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Weiner is the new documentary that is about the disgraced former Congressman and New York City Mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner, and about the thing that brought him down. Before Bernie Sanders emerged as the icon to young liberals who picked him to be the voice that spoke for them, there was a line of other […]

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#52FilmsByWomen: Laggies

A perpetual adolescent tries to drop out of adulthood entirely

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#20:  Laggies (2014) Director:  Lynn Shelton Keira Knightley has done her share of costume dramas, but I have always preferred her as I first saw her, in Bend It Like Beckham – lanky, loose, unfussy, funny. It’s that Knightly that appears in Laggies, a movie about Megan, a woman-child who can’t seem to find her […]


Reel Theology: The Zootopian Witch

What The Witch and Disney's Zootopia can tell us about Society, Community, and ourselves

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So far this year, 2 films have been released that could not be more different: The Witch and Zootopia.  While one is a 17th century based horror film, and the other an animated film from Disney, both share a unique commentary, looking at two sides of the same concept of community. Community can be viewed […]

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Film Admissions: AUDREY HEPBURN

Hollywood's Last Great Glamor Girl

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As a four-year-old, the first movie my mom remembered seeing in a theater was Audrey Hepburn’s first Hollywood-starring role, as Princess Ann in Roman Holiday (1953), and the first movie my mom saw as a freshman in college – studying English, theater, and film – was Audrey Hepburn opposite Albert Finney in Two for the […]



Shane Black is Back. Same Formula, New Era

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Shane Black is back with The Nice Guys, his first film since Iron Man 3 and the first film that he has had complete creative control over since his 2005 masterpiece Kiss, Kiss, Bang, Bang. Black knows better than to veer away from the style that made him famous in the 80s, the buddy-cop/investigator film. […]

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Not Your Ordinary Rock N' Roll Dive

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“…We got a little lost.” Yes, I’ll say you did. The former pronouncement comes as two of the four main characters of A Bigger Splash arrive hours late to dinner after an, ahem, exploratory dalliance amid the exotic nearby landscape.  The excuse is as transparent as it is broad, but of course also spiritually true. […]