Film Review: Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb

A fun farewell for the series and for Robin Williams and Mickey Rooney

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When director Shawn Levy and Ben Stiller discussed their plans for Night at the Museum, the plan was to end it after the 3rd installment.  With the new release, Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb, this series is drawing to a close.  Shawn Levy has said that this film was “always going to […]


Film Review: The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies

Peter Jackson's epic 6th film in Middle Earth brings the series to a fitting conclusion

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The Hobbit has certainly had an uneven track record compared to its more sure-footed companion films, The Lord of the Rings.  Where The Lord of the Rings was anchored firmly in the characters and history of author J.R.R. Tolkien’s classic series, The Hobbit films have been a mixed bag.  In many ways, The Hobbit was […]

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A Christmas Movie Advent Calendar: 16th – 18th


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Intro. Some of my darkest selections comprise today’s 16th – 18th places on our Movie Advent Calendar, along with my personal choice for “best ever Christmas-themed romance”. Well, this hard ol’ heart o’ mine may not be melting quite yet regarding the usual sticky and sentimental holiday fare, but when you’ve got David Lynch, “joyful” state-sponsored terror, and Jack […]


Reel Theology: Exodus: Gods and Kings

How is Hollywood missing the point of faith based films?

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In a ZekeFilm think-piece by Andrew Barber called “The Problem with Christian Films”, Christian filmmakers were taken to task for being either dishonest, or involved in a form of “egoistic castle-building”.  The article was picked up by the Gospel Coalition and caused a great debate about the sincerity of Christian filmmakers and their desire to […]

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A Christmas Movie Advent Calendar: 13th – 15th


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Intro. Another pair of similarly-themed romantic melodramas tops our list today, transitioning to a thriller unfolding around the holidays and ending on an out-and-out Christmas horror favorite! More seasonal selections today that even a true Grinch could stomach! A Christmas Movie Advent Calendar 13th: SINCE YOU WENT AWAY (1944, Selznick Intl. Pic., dir. John Cromwell)/THE RECKLESS MOMENT […]


Film Review: Wild

A film that shows that even the lost can truly be found

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I came with dirty hands, I came with blinded eyes. Tongue-tied, I could barely speak the truth about my tall lies. They sold me on some pleasure, till the pleasure it sold me into something that looked and smelled a whole lot like slavery. We all need new beginnings, the first steps make you better […]


Film Review: Before I Disappear

A look at the full-length version of the 2012 Oscar winning film Curfew

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Shawn Christensen directs a full-length version of the 2012 Oscar winning short film Curfew with his latest offering called Before I Disappear.  Serving as the writer, director, and star of the film, Shawn Christensen is front and center playing a petty criminal and junky named Richie, who stumbles across a woman who has overdosed in the […]

Exodus 5


Ridley Scott Ventures Into The Biblical Desert

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  Who are these “Gods and Kings” in this movie, anyway? Being a lifelong churchgoer and student of the Bible, I can say with some confidence that I do not know. Although I confess I haven’t gone over it lately, I know the Exodus story, in which Moses is moved by God to lead the […]


Film Review: Force Majeure

A Bleak Marriage Comedy is One of the Year's Finest Films

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We are most truly ourselves when we’re caught in an unguarded moment.  Tomas and Ebba (Johannes Kuhnke, Lisa Loven Kongsli) are an attractive middle class Swedish couple, on a ski vacation in the Alps with their two children, Vera and Harry (Clara and Vincent Wettergren).  The early scenes of Force Majeure portray the easy companionship […]