A Late Entry Into the List

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I missed the boat to the rest of the writer’s lists a week ago. Mainly because I haven’t seen as many films as the rest this year, so just needed the extra time to play a little catch-up. So take my list for what it is. I haven’t seen Ex Machina yet. So die-hard fans […]



Now available on Netflix Streaming

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Horror seems to transcend the international market considerably better than other genres. Horror is its own culture. From horror magazines of all languages specifically dealing with the genre, to horror conventions, the genre can be overly insular along with being great in its ability to break down borders and connect fans from all countries. Much […]

me and earl and the dying girl

Film Review: Me and Earl and the Dying Girl

Fest Winner is a warm, funny tribute to the weight of friendship

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It would be both easy and lazy to compare Me and Earl and the Dying Girl to last year’s hit The Fault in Our Stars. Both are about teens with cancer, both based on Young Adult novels. But this is a very different movie. It’s not a romance and not a tearjerker, though some tears […]


Film Review: Ted 2

Is this film as stuffed and threadbare as its lead character?

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Seth MacFarlane, the writer/director/creator of Ted and The Family Guy has pretty much established his brand of humor for a while now.  Crass political and cultural satire, with a hint of sweetness, and the occasional big song and dance number are his staple.  For a while it has worked for him, with mixed results, encouraging […]



A captivating documentary about a family locked away from society in a New York apartment

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Back in 2010 Crystal Moselle, a young graduate of New York’s School of Visual Arts, happened upon a group of six young men. They were dressed in suits, wore black wayfarer sunglasses and had long black hair. She was intrigued by their appearance and she wanted to know their story. That chance encounter lead to […]

David Fincher


How Have the Class of Filmmakers Who Changed the Direction of Film Forever Grown?

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For us who grew up in the 90’s, we were treated to one of the greatest explosions of talent ever in the history of the medium. The group that is often refered to as the “video store movement” was led by some great pioneer filmmakers. Though, to an extent, this title is a bit of […]

Senna 3

Film Review: SENNA

A Look Back At The Acclaimed Racing Documentary

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Originally written for and published at in September of 2011, this is my original opening weekend review of the highly acclaimed racing documentary Senna.  As director Asif Kapadia’s new Amy Winehouse documentary, Amy, is set to drop in the U.S. in a few short weeks, I thought I’d take this opportunity to look back on […]


Film Review: When Marnie Was There

A touching animated film from the venerable Studio Ghibli

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Anna is an adopted girl who looks different from her Japanese classmates. Her hair, eye and skin color set her apart and make her feel debilitatingly different. In addition to her alienation, Anna is suffering from asthma, and her adoptive mother believes a journey to the country, away from the city air, will improve her […]

Inside Out 5

Film Review: INSIDE OUT

Rethinking the Life of Riley

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It is with great joy and a flurry of other emotions that I can report that Inside Out completely destroyed me. Which is more than okay; I mean that in the best way possible. It is the best work from Pixar in a while, and guaranteed to push many buttons in audience members of all […]

Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron in MAD MAX: FURY ROAD.


ZekeFilm Writers Share Their Midyear Film Picks

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The 2015 movie year roared in promising the biggest of things (New JURASSIC PARK! New AVENGERS!! New STAR WARS!!!!), and heaps more of genuinely promising films (Brad Bird directing TOMORROWLAND! Pixar’s return to original content with INSIDE OUT! New JAMES BOND!). As we take a moment midyear to size up the best of what we’ve seen […]