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52 Films By Women

Expanding my consciousness, one movie at a time

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Here’s the conundrum: isolated female directors have been succeeding in Hollywood for decades, and yet the percentage of films directed by women remains flat. Of the top 250 domestic-grossing films in 1998, 9% were directed by women. The percentage was exactly the same in 2015 – 17 years, very little progress. What’s the deal? Women […]

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In Which I Also Can't Figure Out Why I Enjoyed This Movie...

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“After the Show” is our spoiler-friendly way of talking about movies at ZekeFilm.  In this article, plot twists and hidden details of Hail, Caesar! are potentially discussed. Well, here we go, folks: Hail, Caesar! For the Coen Brothers’ latest cinematic sleight-of-hand, Jim Tudor very astutely wonders in his review “just who this film is really […]

Hail Caesar 4

Film Review: HAIL, CAESAR!

At Least Three Good Scenes And No Bad Ones…?

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Despite regularly tepid response from common moviegoers, the Hollywood film industry has proven wholly unable to not make movies about itself.  With Hail, Caesar!, Joel and Ethan Coen have finally gotten around to it in a comedic way.  Between their clear and sharp devotion to film history, which permeates all of their work, and their […]

Dame Maggie Smith gets down and dirty.


British Theater Adaptation Parks In U.S. Art House Cinemas

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This movie is fine, but shouldn’t it be “The Lady in A Van“?  After all, there’s nothing particularly significant about the van that the homeless woman of the title, played by Maggie Smith, occupies.  There are in fact, over the span of the story, multiple vans.  Perhaps “The Lady in the Vans” would be more […]



Heavy Themes With Moments Of Merciful Lightness

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When it comes to the annual Academy Awards telecast, there are always two big questions:  “Who’s hosting?”, and “Why’s it so long?” Regarding the second question (the answer to the first one is Chris Rock, and surely he’ll prove memorable), the bandied solution usually involves eliminating the “technical awards” and the short film awards.  To […]

45-Years 5

Film Review: 45 YEARS

Black Tie, Pink Noise

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45 Years develops slowly as a sullen and cynical portrait of long-term relationships.  Such relationships are are not merely things to work at amid inevitable ups and downs, they are insular cocoons of secrets and regret.  I don’t share this outlook, yet I can still say that 45 Years is in fact a high quality […]


Film Review: Kung Fu Panda 3

Will the latest film from the Dragon Warrior provide a 'Kung Fu kick' to the box office?

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When we last saw Po (Jack Black), he had just secured a victory against another antagonist seeking to attack the valley where he was raised by Mr. Ping (James Hong), the owner of a noodle restaurant….and who is also a bird (not a Panda like Po).  Po had always wondered what happened to his biological […]


Film Review: The Finest Hours

Will the true story of the Coast Guards most daring rescue help to rescue the box office

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Disney, apart from their animated offerings, seems to thrive when it offers stories that inspire, provide hope, and cause the audience to leave the theater feeling better about the world than when they went in.  You can certainly see that recent offerings like McFarland U.S.A., or older works like Remember the Titans. This year, occupying […]