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I would DIE for you!

Valentines for the devoted DiCaprio fan.

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So here’s the thing, I love Valentine’s Day, but not because of lovey-dovey, hanky-panky swooning. That stuff gets a solid pass! But I love the fun you can have by making silly sugar cookies, sending homemade valentine’s to loved ones and making someone feel special. I am also a huge fan of the trend of […]

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Film Review: How to Be Single

Don't go to this movie looking for the answer

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Reviewing How to Be Single presents me with a challenge. I could focus entirely on the quality of the movie as a movie. Is it well acted? Well directed? Does it have a good script? Does anything about the cinematography stand out? Editing? Set design? Or, to keep it simple: it’s a comedy, so is […]


Film Review: A PERFECT DAY

A look at humanitarian efforts in the 1995 Balkan Conflict

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Son of Saul, another film opening this week, is a new film featuring a filmmaker making his feature length debut.  A Perfect Day features a director, Fernando León de Aranoa, who is making his English speaking film debut after a number of Spanish films like Barrio and Prencesas.  Where the first film mentioned is a look […]


Film Review: Son of Saul

A first person encounter in the midst of the Holocaust humanizes the horrific events of WWII

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László Nemes is a Hungarian director who has worked on a few short films, but has never directed a feature length film before this haunting debut, Son of Saul, or Saul fia.  As a college student in France, Nemes studies history, political science, and international relations, despite his real love being film.  In this full-feature […]


Film Review: DEADPOOL

It's Like a 15 Year-Old Doing an Impression of a Middle-Aged Guy Doing an Impression of a 15 Year-Old

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Deadpool is a movie about a character who knows he is in a movie based on a comic where the character knew he was in the comic also. The character knows he can control the film to his liking in the ways he tells the narrative. Fast forward/rewinds/pauses/breaks the fourth wall/ references what is happening […]


Film Review: Zoolander 2

The Long Away Sequel That No One Really Asked For

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Zoolander 2 is much less a movie and much more a party you don’t really want to be at, filled with every Hollywood star available. The film sadly mistakes cameos with jokes and is quite possibly the biggest waste of talent in a comedy in quite some time. Which is really too bad, because the […]

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Michael Moore Travels Far And Wide For The Next Good Idea

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Michael Moore, that progressive shlub you could hang with, has done something smart.  His latest film, Where to Invade Next, opts to have fun.  Moore has always been known for his effective use of comedy in conjunction with his agenda-driven ventures.  But this time, he more freely embraces his image as an out of shape, […]


#52FilmsByWomen: Middle of Nowhere

Serving time while a loved one is prison

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Movie #1:  Middle of Nowhere (2012) Director:  Ava Duvernay Two years before Selma, Ava Duvernay won a Directing Award at the Sundance Festival for Middle of Nowhere. There have been lots of prison movies, but here’s a movie about the family left behind: a young wife, Ruby (Emayatzy Corinealdi), is determined to be faithful and […]

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52 Films By Women

Expanding my consciousness, one movie at a time

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Here’s the conundrum: isolated female directors have been succeeding in Hollywood for decades, and yet the percentage of films directed by women remains flat. Of the top 250 domestic-grossing films in 1998, 9% were directed by women. The percentage was exactly the same in 2015 – 17 years, very little progress. What’s the deal? Women […]

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In Which I Also Can't Figure Out Why I Enjoyed This Movie...

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“After the Show” is our spoiler-friendly way of talking about movies at ZekeFilm.  In this article, plot twists and hidden details of Hail, Caesar! are potentially discussed. Well, here we go, folks: Hail, Caesar! For the Coen Brothers’ latest cinematic sleight-of-hand, Jim Tudor very astutely wonders in his review “just who this film is really […]