Film Admissions: Max von Sydow

The Swedish Great Will Crush Your Head

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He’s played both Christ and the Devil. (The Greatest Story Ever Told; Needful Things) He’s exorciesed evil and has been the scourge of worlds. (The Exorcist; Flash Gordon) Most notably, he launched his career as the cinematic surrogate for Ingmar Bergman, appearing in eleven of the director’s films. In 2012, he was nominated for an […]


Film Review: Little Boy

Can faith as small as a mustard seed, or a little boy, truly move mountains?

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Little Boy stands alone this weekend, in a crowded release weekend, as perhaps the most “feel-good” of the bunch.  From the producers who brought you Son of God (Roma Downey and Mark Burnett) and the director of Bella (Alejandro Monteverde) comes this small but charming film that deals with themes much bigger than its stature. […]


Tag-Team Film Review: Ex Machina

Jim Tudor and Erik Yates break down this contemporary tale of the future

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Erik Yates: Mankind has had a fascination with the notion of machines being the next step in the evolutionary process, eventually supplanting the human race. Robots, androids, and artificial intelligence have always seemed to be at the forefront of the best kind of science fiction. The fear of their eventual takeover, and our inevitable demise […]


Film Review: The Water Diviner

Can Russell Crowe find box office gold with his directoral debut?

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For his directorial debut, The Water Diviner, Russell Crowe (Gladiator, Noah) chose a project that reflects his own roots as a proud Australian, and that is the battle of Gallipoli where thousands of Aussie’s and Turks lost their lives.  Through this film, Crowe seeks to share a story that will cull themes from his previous […]


Film Review: The Age of Adaline

Blake Lively lives through the ages

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Much is being made about the fashion sense of the new film, The Age of Adaline.  In it, Blake Lively (Savages, Green Lantern) plays Adaline Bowman.  Adaline was born in 1908, and after losing her husband, at the age of 29, she encounters a horrific car accident. The accident, it is explained, created the conditions […]


Ebertfest 2015

Thank you Roger Ebert for this gift!

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So here’s the scoop, If you love movies and you want the best viewing experience possible, then you should make Ebertfest in Champaign Illinois a top “Bucket List” priority! I will explain why it’s a treasure but first let me tell you how I accidentally stumbled across it. I had never been to a film […]

polyester 2

Polyester (1981)

Beyond Trash Art

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The 2015 Wisconsin Film Festival ended on a high note, or perhaps I should say a sweet aroma, with its Thursday night showing of John Waters’ 1981 Polyester. In its original Odorama, no less! Yes, the scratch-and-sniff smells of “roses” (#1), “pizza” (#4), “new car” (#8), “skunk” (#6), and, of course, “flatulence” (#2) wafted through […]


Film Review: Unfriended

Never trust your social media?

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Well after the found footage angles of horror films such as The Blair Witch Project and the original Paranormal Activity, the next step was mounting cameras on everything from oscillating ceiling fans (Paranormal 3) to using the X-Box camera (Paranormal 4) to capture whatever phenomenon was stalking the various protagonists of such films.  With Paranormal […]

monkey kingdom 3


DisneyNature Doesn't Monkey Around With Formula

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“Here we come… Walking down the street…” Yes, this film actually opens with the old Monkees TV show theme. It plays over a satifying opening montage of monkeys in the jungle doing stupid things and getting laughs. It’s lazy, but it works. At supper just before the screening of the latest DisneyNature documentary Monkey Kingdom, […]