DOUBLE DOOR (1934) – Blu-Ray Review

Several years before Orson Welles went after media mogul William Randolph Hearst with Citizen Kane, the Wendel family- an affluent clan of New York real estate barons- became the target of 1934’s Double Door.  Film historian Tom Weaver describes the real-life Wendels (led by the spinster sisters Ella and Rebecca) to have been “…as weird as they were rich…. And they were very rich!” 

HOUSE OF GUCCI -Film Review 

Tangential to the Gucci drama is the love story, and the ultimate tragedy therein.  Driver, Gaga, and company do their individualized best to raise the roof of this venerable house as they are able, but the filmmaker himself may simply be too comfortable in this high-end, high-stakes world to tailor it for the masses.  Scott’s designer bag of tricks, while still impressive to look upon, remains rather empty… and unfortunately kind of dull.