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DOUBLE DOOR (1934) – Blu-Ray Review

Several years before Orson Welles went after media mogul William Randolph Hearst with Citizen Kane, the Wendel family- an affluent clan of New York real estate barons- became the target of 1934’s Double Door.  Film historian Tom Weaver describes the real-life Wendels (led by the spinster sisters Ella and Rebecca) to have been “…as weird as they were rich…. And they were very rich!” 

BLACKMAIL (1929) – Blu-ray Review

That ninety years later such an accomplished and important work from a vital film artist as Alfred Hitchcock not only survives but thrives as a viable piece across three separate versions deeply reiterates the inherently malleable and fluid nature of movies. It can be said that there is no “definitive version”, and yet it’s a classic all the same. Thankfully, Kino Lorber provides all three major variations. That is why no collector of great should be without this Blu-ray special edition of… Blackmail.