November 11, 2017.  ZekeFilm hosted Dr. Mark Eckel to speak on the topic of Psychology in Film. This two-part lecture was the main feature of a free event held at Grace and Peace Fellowship, PCA, in St. Louis, MO. Here, Dr. Eckel explores the human condition in movies.

Dr. Eckel: “Every movie is psychological in nature because human nature is present in every movie. A Christian perspective on our humanity is important. The image we see on the screen reflects God’s image in every person. Biblical concerns for the worth, value, and dignity of each individual frames Christian thought about psychology. Movies have used psychological vehicles to communicate a message. But more than that, all movies are snapshots of the human mind.”

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About Dr. Mark Eckel, ThM, PhD

Author, Educator and Speaker. Dr. Eckel is president of the Comenius Institute, a Christian educational institute that will engage in the teaching-learning craft. In doing so, the organization will encourage study, discussion, research, and collaboration of students and scholars in the pursuit of theological truth with academic excellence.

Learn all about the Comenius Institute, here.

He is also the host of Indianapolis-based Warp & Woof Radio, a program devoted to honest Christian discussion of imapcting and important issues. Learn more with this promotional video for Warp & Woof Radio.



About Dr. Eckel’s book, When the Lights Go Down: Movie Review as Christian Practice

What movies have you seen lately is a question almost everyone asks. “How should we watch movies Christianly” is a question Dr. Mark Eckel has been asking for thirty years. When the Lights Go Down suggests answers based on story-filled essays, movie reviews, interviews, and questions to ask while watching movies. Now the Christian practice of movie review can begin next time the lights go down!

“Mark teaches how to critically review film through the lens of biblical thinking” – Barry Walton, director and producer of The High: Making the Toughest Race on Earth

“I know of no other book quite like this. Highly accessible to the average layperson, it is wildly multi-faceted, a foundational course in theological movie-viewing” – Dr. Rosalie de Rosset, Professor of Communications and Literature, Moody Bible Institute

When the Lights Go Down is a gift to pastors” – Larry Renoe, Teaching Pastor at Waterstone Community Church, Littleton, Colorado

“Mark Eckel ushers the church to a positive, approachable, fresh theological understanding of movies” – Jim Tudor, filmmaking professional, film critic, and co-founder of

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About ZekeFilm

ZekeFilm is a non-profit organization devoted to cultivating community through cinema through critical discussion, educational activities, and by encouraging mindful viewing, ongoing curiosity of the cinematic form, dialogue, and entertainment. We seek to create and foster this type of community directly and through various socially based technologies.

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