Valentines For The Devoted DiCaprio Fan

So here’s the thing, I love Valentine’s Day, but not because of lovey-dovey, hanky-panky swooning. That stuff gets a solid pass! But I love the fun you can have by making silly sugar cookies, sending homemade valentine’s to loved ones and making someone feel special. I am also a huge fan of the trend of making valentines based on favorite TV shows and movies. A couple years ago it was Downton Abbey Cards, and last year I fell head over feet for some Arrested Development Cards. This year all the Harry Potter Valentines have me laughing constantly.

So I figure I’m crafty, I love making valentines, I’m a fan of Leonardo DiCaprio and It looks like he might get that Oscar… Everything was falling into place. So today I broke out the scissors, paste and paper and made these bad boys.

Leo valentinesLeo dies in a ton of his films, 9 to be exact, so it wasn’t rocket science to think up the idea that all of his valentine’s would say, “I would die for you!” And then this year, against all odds, he survived The Revenant! But that made the card set all the more fun. Add the Oscar Race in there and voila, Leo Valentines for you to print out and pass out to all your coworkers. (That’s what I’ll be doing!) Happy Valentine’s Day ZekeFilm friends and I hope your day is filled with joy and better odds than a Romeo or a Jack Dawson. ;)