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SCREAM (2022) – Film Review

reset and needed to tie back into the first and that the sequels are all "inferior"- a direct quote from characters talking about the thinly-veiled Stab sequels. Progressiveness was always at the forefront of this property, not a need to Make Scream Great Again, and take the franchise and give it the same treatment as sputtering franchises that need these rebootquels. This feels like it was made by the kind of movie watcher who always says without much thought that "the first is always the best" and "the book is always better", when that is not always the case.

JET PILOT (1957) – Blu-ray Review

It’s both Air Force propaganda and a failed Howard Hughes vanity piece.  It’s the final released film of legendary fallen director Josef von Sternberg.  It began at one major studio and ended up at another.  It’s got a redressed, drab, muddy Western set doubling for Russia in the film’s second half.  It might be silly at times, but it’s never dull.  There’s so, so, so much red meat here for a film historian to chew on.

CORRIDOR OF MIRRORS (1948) – Blu-ray Review

Now is the time to admire the work that Cohen Media Group has done in presenting this remarkably-shot film in all of its gauzian splendor.  Restored and now available on Blu-ray (that better, smarter big brother of DVD), Corridor of Mirrors has emerged from obscurity an apt curio.  Not only is it significant for being Terence Young’s first film, it’s also legendary actor Christopher Lee’s first film.

DUNE (2021) – Film Review

For a movie that’s only the first half of something and that moves not unlike one of its own hulking, gargantuan sandworms through a planet’s worth of sand, Villeneuve’s Dune wields more than enough overpowering spice to warrant a visit.  Whether anyone will be inclined to return remains to be seen.