Hulu, Netflix, HBO, Disney+, Apple TV… Some call this MADNESS but I’m Over Here in TV Wonderland

(No, sorry, I haven’t watched EVERYTHING yet)

Watchmen (HBO)

There’s a mini PSA to be made regarding HBO’s Watchmen: It’s quite confusing. In the beginning especially, you’ll definitely have questions that maybe a typical TV pilot episode would’ve answered. This could turn you off initially BUT I argue, push through! The feeling will pass OR you’ll be so enthralled you won’t care! And guess what? There’s a LARGE reward in the ending payoff for this nearly perfect season of television. You heard me, perfect! Fans were FLOORED during last months finale, most of Twitter went CRAY, tweeting that this is the best show since Breaking Bad (AMC) & The Wire (HBO). Well, Twitter, I agree. This show’s pacing is ON POINT and makes me proud to see such a strong writer continue to have success after hits (and favorites of mine) like LOST (ABC) and The Leftovers (HBO). This is the perfect winter break binge. Happy watching! #BestShowoftheYear

Chernobyl (HBO)

*2020 Golden Globe Winner

If you enjoy intense political dramas then this is the show for you. But if you don’t, you’ll still enjoy this one. I couldn’t stop watching, even during “boring parts” my husband so nicely put it, I was enthralled at every turn. Based on the namesakes true story, the show did a fine job of keeping even the science of it all captivating, compelling, and quite upsetting.

Fleabag Season 2 (BBC TV, Amazon Prime)

*2020 Golden Globe Winner

My very first piece on was about Fleabag Season 1, how fun it is for Season 2 to make my top shows of 2019 (and every other critic’s list). *Rolls eyes at camera* Sure, now that it’s winning ALL THE AWARDS (where was their Season 1 Emmy?! WHERE?!) Critics are saying this is the shows’ best season, I argue watch it in it’s entirety for a full story-arc at the always entertaining Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s top-notch storytelling on top of an A-List cast. Bravo Fleabag.

When They See Us (Netflix)

The show that everyone needs to watch is When They See Us. True to the source material itself, the storytelling, the acting, the atmosphere will long stay with you after the watch.

Succession Season 2

*2020 Golden Globe Winner

‘Put your wallet away and I hope you’re hungry!’ Thanks Rory. While other shows (Gilmore Girls) have scratched the surface on the dynamics of family monetary relationships, Succession is on a whole other level and dang, does this new season have everything you’ve missed from the Roy Family (and more).

The Mandalorian (Disney+)

Where to start? I love this show, LOVE, LOVE. Binged it in a few days over break (and lately, I’m terrible at binging). Oh, you say you’re stick of Star Wars, do you? Get ready to recharge and recover with BETTER characters, plot development, world building, and yeah, I’ll say it, CHARM than any of the recent films (Sorry JJ). Plus BABY YODA! I already know what I want for Christmas next year… more Mando!

Carnival Row (Amazon Prime)

This one’s missing from a lot of critics lists so I’ll change that. Get ready to have a good time! Love watching TV but not a huge horror or fantasy fan? Though Carnival Row features unknown and at times scary creatures, it’s definitely tamer then recent horror flicks and much more of a slow-burn type of mystery. It’s incredibly timely (and sometimes quite upsetting) as it features different classes of humans now living amongst the fae, magical creatures. The show surprised me more than once, and included a romcom-like storyline I ended up loving (and I’m quite picky about them). In general it’s just a pleasant watch, it’s hard to imagine someone not enjoying their time with this one. And yes, this is the show that Orlando Bloom stars in. 😉

The Morning Show (Apple TV)

Okay, okay “Academy”. No, I don’t necessarily think this show should win (nor be nominated) for a Golden Globe, but congrats to their staff on the nom (announced last month) as well as AppleTV, this being their premiere television show and all. I’ll start by saying, this show has problems and if you dig into the recent changes in the story & scripts (as a result of #METOO scandals in news networks over the years) you probably won’t be surprised the products not A-grade. BUT what they’ve done is take a huge gamble and jumped off the bridge tackling work-place issues a lot of shows avoid nowadays. While the story is slower and sometimes ventures away from deeper storytelling, I’m hopeful for next season (note: I am almost done with Season 1). Kudos to its’ stars Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon for taking us along on the journey. And speaking of Globes, don’t award it for best show, but do award the lovely and often underrated actress Aniston. Her performance as Alex is riveting, definitely award-worthy.

Unbelievable (Netflix)

This limited series is haunting for more than the subject manner. It’s cleverly paced, radically showing the difference between two ways to handle a situation and the diverse consequences. Brilliant portrayals by Kaitlyn Dever and Merritt Weaver in particular, I think this show is incredibly important in 2019. If you watch one thing off of this list let it be Unbelievable.

Euphoria (HBO)

I saved one of the best shows for last. MARVELOUS indeed. The characters are exciting to watch, even in unfortunate circumstances. And let’s face it, no one wants to relive their early adulthood years BUT there are elements worth revisiting – the friendships, clothing, irresponsibility… PLUS when the cinema is super gorgeous what else can you ask for? One of the best shows of the year, for sure.

*Honorable mentions: Marvelous Mrs. Maisel Season 3 & Undone (Amazon Prime), Russian Doll, The Witcher & Mindhunter Season 2 (Netflix), Shrill (Hulu)

What did I miss?