On this installment of ZekeTalk, St. Louis filmmaker Nicholas Rousseau discusses his two short “hockey dramas”, 2016’s “The Ultimate Fan” and his new film, 2021’s “Super 8 Hockey”.

“Super 8 Hockey” is a 15-minute minute short film telling the story of George, a camera store employee and adult hockey league player (Clayton Bury) who becomes overwhelmed with inner-conflict when he discovers his teammate and friend is cheating at hockey. In time, we come to learn the real reason why this discovery is so troublesome for George.

The Audio-only version of the interview:

“Super 8 Hockey” (2021)

Nicholas lives and works in St. Louis, Missouri.

“Super 8 Hockey” is scheduled to play as part of the upcoming 2021 St. Louis Filmmakers Showcase, which runs virtually July 16-25. Visit Cinema St. Louis’s website for more details.

Find “The Ultimate Fan” and many of Nicholas’s older films here.

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